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RHT: These 5 Tech Jobs Will Pay the Most in 2015

by Clea Badion  Robert Half Technology
November 1, 2014

Starting pay for all tech jobs is projected to increase 5.7 percent in 2015.
2015 looks like another good year for IT professionals: Starting salaries for all tech jobs in our annual Salary Guide are expected to rise 5.7 percent. But five tech jobs stand out from the rest and are projected to see the largest gains in starting salaries in the U.S next year.
John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half Technology, highlighted these five tech jobs in a recent post. They include:

1.  Mobile applications developers
Experienced mobile app developers who possess knowledge of multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Symbian, etc.) are in strong demand and, unsurprisingly, they’ll see a significant jump in starting pay — a 10.2 percent pay increase in 2015, to a range of $107,500–$161,500.

2.  Data security analyst
With so many recent high-profile security breaches, it’s no shock that these IT pros are in demand and their starting pay is on the rise in the coming year. Data security analysts can expect to see a 7.4 percent salary hike to $106,250–$149,000.

3.  Network architect
As networks continue to become more complex, the demand and starting pay for network architects continue to increase. In 2015, their salary range is predicted to jump to $115,000–$165,250 — that’s up 5.5 percent from 2014. These tech pros can further increase their pay with certifications from Novell, Microsoft or Cisco, to name a few.

4.  Big data engineer
These days, it’s all about effectively gathering and using data. IT pros, like big data engineers who can make sense of raw data, can expect a 9.3 percent jump in starting pay next year, to a range of $119,250–$168,250.

5.  Senior web developer
Web developers continue to be in demand, especially those experienced IT pros able to manage tech teams and projects. Senior web developers can expect a 6.8 percent increase in starting pay in 2015, ranging from $104,500–$144,250.

Check out the John Reed’s full post for more details about these hot positions and how much salaries will rise in Canada. For information and job descriptions on more than 70 IT positions, check out our 2015 Salary Guide.

— Clea Badion

Clea Badion is an editor for the RHT Blog. She’s been writing about the workplace, career trends and technology for the past decade. Clea has 15 years of professional writing and editing experience and a master’s degree in visual studies. She’s a little obsessed with cute animal videos and the show ”American Ninja Warrior.” Follow her on Twitter @cleabadion.

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