Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oracle Academy Professional Development Opportunity

The Mid-Pacific ICT Center and the Oracle Academy would like to announce a CTE Professional Development opportunity!

Mid-Pacific ICT Center and the Oracle Academy would like to offer the Oracle Academy Instructors’ Institute for the Oracle Academy Database Program and SQL course.

We are searching for community college institutions to integrate the Oracle Academy curriculum into existing academic programs such as: Database Management, Information Technology, and/or Computer Science. Faculty has the opportunity to offer the Oracle Academy courses as stand-alone courses or integrated into existing classes!

• We are requesting 30 community college faculty to participate in the Oracle Academy program for the 2012-2013, 2013-2014 academic years. The training is FREE to the 30 participants!
• Professional development to be held in the State of California, summer 2012.
• The Online portion of the Oracle Academy will start in March, 2012.
• The face-to-face portion of the professional development to be held in California in June, 2012.

What is the Oracle Academy Introduction to Computer Science program?

• Designed for community colleges and high schools, this curriculum provides a foundation in database, programming, and professional skills for students.
• This curriculum is a sequence of courses that leads to an industry recognized certification (Oracle Certified Associate) and is intended to give students technical, analytical, and business skills that support the pursuit of professional careers and advanced study.

Benefits of the Oracle Academy program include:

• Oracle Academy membership is FREE (includes curriculum, hosted lab technology, teacher professional development)
• Premier faculty professional development included
• Curriculum and hosted database environment included
• Certification exam discounts for teachers and students
• Meets Carl Perkins Criteria
• Promotes seamless pathway (secondary to post-secondary education).
• Demonstrates student attained Oracle skills through student participation in the Oracle Academy International Data Modeling competition.
• Provides a unique solution to STEM-Information Technology Business Education model.

Oracle Academy required faculty professional development:

• The Introduction to computer science offering provides faculty with a highly structured, rigorous training program that prepares them to teach introductory technology and business curricula!

• Participating faculty are led by Oracle experts through ten weeks of on-line training and five days of in-class training to prepare to teach the curriculum to their students. (Faculty transportation to training, meals, and lodging are the responsibility of the faculty and/or college.)

• Throughout the year, faculty members receive instructional support from Oracle mentor instructors.

If interested in this opportunity please contact via email with your contact information by October 30, 2011:

• James Jones, MPICT
• Denise Hobbs, Oracle Academy,

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