Monday, August 1, 2011

802.22 Wi-Fi standard offers 12,000 square mile coverage

"IEEE... has just announced a spanking new 802.22 Wi-Fi standard which will leave your 802.11n standard so far behind, you won’t realize you miss it at all... 802.22 Wi-Fi connectivity is capable of offering 12,000 square miles of coverage – and this using just a solitary base station.

"802.22 was designed to run on a totally new spectrum which was made available when analog TVs were outlawed some years back in the US. For those who prefer more solid scientific figures, the 802.22 spectrum will work in ranges from 54MHz to 698MHz, where such frequencies are the perfect vehicle for long distance transmissions.

"Imagine sending out 22 Mbps of data within a 62 mile radius from a sole base station – that would certainly bring Wi-Fi connectivity to even the most rural areas around the country." [Press Release]


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