Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ThinkQuest International Competition 2011

Please consider getting involved in the ThinkQuest International Competition 2011. The competition challenges students to solve a real-world problem by applying their critical thinking, communication, and technology skills. “21st Century” skills are essential for students who will work in Information Technology sector jobs.
Students work together in teams to develop, and test their solution before presenting it to a global audience. Teams can choose any problem to solve and can leverage existing schoolwork across a broad range of curricula, including Writing, Social Studies, Civics, History, Science, Mathematics, Art, and Technology/ICT.
Competition Events
· ThinkQuest Projects event - Teams present their solution by creating a project in ThinkQuest Projects, an online learning environment.
o Age Divisions: 19 and under, 16 and under, 12 and under
· Digital Media event - Teams present their solution by creating a blog/journal, website, animation, public service announcement, photo essay, video, or some combination of these items.
o Age Divisions: 19 and under, 16 and under, 12 and under
· Application Development event - Teams develop a web-based application or game that solves a problem.
o Age Divisions: 22 and under, 19 and under, 16 and under
Win a laptop computer, a cash grant for the coach's school or organization, and a trip to ThinkQuest Live, where you will:
  • Receive face-to-face mentoring from Silicon Valley experts
  • Be honored at a red-carpet gala with dignitaries and executives
  • Participate in educational workshops and visit fun San Francisco attractions
  • Represent your country with distinction
  • Develop friendships with peers from around the world
All students who submit a completed entry will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation for their portfolio.
Competition entries are due on April 27, 2011. Winner’s announcement is tentatively scheduled for June 22, 2011.
A variety of self-paced tutorials are available to help you get started.
Benefits of Participation
Students that participate in the ThinkQuest International Competition gain experience participating in a highly structured, hands-on learning project that hones important 21st century skills. The competition provides a chance for students to present a solution to a problem in a unique and innovative way, collaborating with peers in other schools, states, or countries. Teacher-coaches have the opportunity to encourage students to reach out across countries, language barriers, cultures and beliefs. By uniting teams to pursue a common goal, ThinkQuest coaches can build bridges between students across the globe.
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Elizabeth Chase at (408)642-1919 or by email at

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