Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ATETV on Cybersecurity

ATETV: Advanced Technological Education Television


Today, virtually every area of life depends on a cyber infrastructure that is vulnerable to attack. As a result there are so many cybersecurity job opportunities available that they far outnumber the amount of job seekers. According to a recent article on Science Careers from the Journal of Science, "The National Security Agency (NSA) plans to hire 1000 cybersecurity professionals in the next year. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has more than tripled its cybersecurity workforce in the past 2 years. The Department of Defense (DOD), which employs more cybersecurity professionals than any other federal body, is hiring aggressively, as are many other federal and state agencies. And there is at least as much demand in the private sector." Are you good at taking things apart and seeing how they're made? That's what these jobs demand. For more information, tune in to www.atetv.org to see if this might be the field for you. This specific episode is available here.

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