Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sacramento Youth Cybersecurity Opportunities

Good morning California Cybersecurity Task Force members! Below are some great cyber opportunities for our youth, passed on to me by the Workforce Development and Education Subcommittee. These events are taking place right here in Sacramento!!

1) Code for Hood -- new organization created by Gina Lujan (Hacker Lab) is planning a hackathon in Del Paso Heights April 10 – 12, 2015 for kids/teens.

Code For Hood is an organization geared to teach at risk youth STEM, by offering workshops and bootcamps in disadvantaged neighborhoods. They are looking for people to spread the word in schools and they also have spots for volunteers, mentors, etc.

Contact for more info, flyers, etc.

2) EdTech focused Hackathon!!!
May 15-17, 2015 at The Urban Hive in Sacramento.

The Hackathon is in need of sponsors to help fund and resource the event. We are also seeking participation from teachers as well as anyone with an EdTech background willing to be coaches and judges. For those not familiar with the term EdTech, it is the description used for a tool or platform used to accelerate learning.

For more information, please contact Laura Good at


Justin N. Cain
Cybersecurity Task Force Coordinator
California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
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