Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cybersecurity Center of Academic Excellence KU Mapping Resource

Foggy about what mapping is?

Confused about the new CAE mapping requirements?

Wondering how to map your institution's security courses and programs to the CAE in IA/CD?

Unsure about where and how to start?

Regardless of where you might be along this spectrum, National CyberWatch Center provides HELP.

The Knowledge Units (KUs) mapping is an essential part of the CAE process and applies to both two and four year institutions. The National CyberWatch Center distributes "A Guide for Mapping Courses to Knowledge Units (KUs)" that answers all the above questions and provides a detailed, illustrated path through the mapping process.

CLICK HERE to view the KU Mapping Guide.

The National CyberWatch Center ALSO provides a resource that walks you through HOW TO use the KU Mapping Guide EFFECTIVELY.

It will direct you through the 6 major sections of the KU Mapping Guide.

CLICK HERE to view this beneficial resource.

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