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CompTIA: Top Five Career Websites for IT Pros

Top Five Career Websites for IT Pros

Monster and LinkedIn may be among the most popular go-to sites for those seeking new career opportunities online, thanks to a big bank of job listings and networking potential, respectively, but in the tech and IT fields, there are even more specialized sites offering customized resources specific to the industry.
We’ve compiled a list of the top five websites, each of which is focused specifically on tech, offering not only job listings within the industry, but in many cases vital career resources that can help shape resumes, cover letters and insights into the most appropriate career trajectory based on education and experience.
Many of these sites also offer mobile apps to make the job search even easier.
Of course like any website, establishing a strong personal brand is essential for standing out, like keeping information and a head shot consistent across career websites and social media hubs (even Gmail). It’s also worthwhile to connect with others in the industry, especially at companies where you may like to work.  
Most recruiters advise that networking is the most effective resource professionals have at their disposal. Who do you know? Do the research. Make inquiries. And consider carefully how you cultivate your image in the competitive online world.
 1. Dice.com
Finding a job may sometimes feel like rolling the dice, but with more than 80,000 listings, Dice.com relies more on focused listings for IT professionals than simply luck. The website offers several ways to customize job searches in the tech marketplace, including skill set, location and company. The optional dashboard feature, called My Dice, also allows users to add resumes, save job links and receive alerts when positions open that fit certain search protocol.
According to Dice Holdings, the owner of Dice.com, there are millions of registered IT professionals currently using the site, not only for job searches, but also to access valuable industry information like technology news, career advice and even salary surveys. Of those users, Dice estimates that more than 75 percent hold bachelor degrees or higher and more than half claim a decade or more of experience in the field. The talent communities on the site are also useful networking destinations where tech professionals can interact online with other like-minded peers with a focus on data centers, data, IT management and, more recently, cloud computing.
More than simply a job post and search site, Dice is a user-friendly social media hub with opportunities to connect with fellow industry pros through discussions, communities and profiles.
Beyond and CareerNetwork have joined forces to create a website exclusively dedicated to tech jobs. The site, which features up-to-the-minute job postings by companies around the country, also includes helpful career resources, including news stories about the tech industry and profiles of featured companies. These profiles provide unique insights into some of the top IT companies, with useful data about who they hire, what they focus on and how they are expecting to evolve in the next few years.
Users who register also have the chance to join the Beyond.com community with a customizable career portfolio that can be used for promotion to potential employers and recruiters. There’s also a section for distributing resumes and researching schools, most of which specialize in adult education, as well as self-assessment tools, financial services and a recruitment blog.
Professionals in the industry also contribute their insights to the site’s Employment Metrix blog, which features links to interesting new industry reports, roundups of best practices, career advice and top tips for HR professionals and job seekers alike. The blog, while geared toward professionals already in the field, is a solid resource for anyone interested in finding new opportunities.
Simply put, this site is designed for IT companies to post jobs and for IT professionals to apply for them. But what makes this destination a bit different is that it doesn’t limit searches by geography. The jobs listed here come from around the world, and from some of the fastest growing tech communities beyond the U.S., including Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The site is continually growing its network as more major IT companies post openings for jobs at various experience levels. The most recent search yielded listings from most major tech companies for a wide range of jobs in the IT field.
Like most other sites, users are encouraged to register to upload resumes and search jobs, though registration isn’t necessary to do a basic search. Those who do register, however, will be able to sign up for free job alerts via email, essentially reminders about postings that match a user’s specific skill set.
Microsoft, NASA and Amazon all post their latest job opportunities to this site, which allows users to search opportunities according to job type, like big data, analytics and technology – with specific subcategories. Conveniently, a real-time listing of new jobs appears on the site’s welcome page, which provides basic job titles and companies, both of which can save time on clicking.
One of the more interesting features of the website is a discussion board, known as the Exchange. Here, professionals can network about industry issues and career advice. One of its recent posts dealt with important tips for seeking a new career in IT, appropriate for anyone seeking employment.
The site also links to blogs that dissect different stories from the tech industry – everything from trend pieces to career tips from industry professionals. The blog posts, like the discussion page, are both free. But users who register will also have access to a resume builder that companies can search for the most appropriate candidates for job openings.
Don’t click here if you’re looking for a lot of bells and whistles. There aren’t any. But the strength of the site is in its job listings, which are updated throughout the day. The website is supported by more than 120 other tech sites, aggregating job listings into one easily searchable destination for all things tech.
In addition to user-friendly job searches, users can also browse new listings, upload and manage resumes and research current IT salaries at some of the top companies. The salary search can be conducted by country or city, as well as a select skill set. There’s even a special section for technology and IT career seekers with details about salary ranges – both salaries and hourly wages – for select job titles with projections about how those careers will evolve in the next four years. This section is especially useful for anyone considering further education or even a move from one job, like a computer systems administrator, to another, like a systems analyst, based on qualifications and, unique to this site, salary projections.
Natalie Hope McDonald is a freelance editor and writer in Philadelphia. She can be reached online athttp://www.nataliehopemcdonald.com.


  1. Just to clarify, Beyond.com hasn't partnered with CareerNetwork. Beyond.com has always been known as a career network because of the different communities that make up site.

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