Friday, November 7, 2014

CETF: Let's Get Internet For All Now!

Last Friday we gave you a sneak preview of our current work to secure Internet For All Now! Today we move into full gear.

The California Emerging Technology Fund and more than 100 Partners are launching a public education project to make opportunity possible with affordable Internet at home. We have worked together before to achieve better opportunities for low-income communities. Now it is time to show we care through social media. Join us and urge the Federal Communications Commission to require Comcast to deliver affordable Internet Essentials service to all low-income households.

Currently, there are 80 million people across America without high-speed Internet service at home. A quarter (a full 25%) of California’s population—9,580,000 people—are among those without access to essential web resources for finding a job, doing homework, applying to college, communicating with distant loved ones, or locating an affordable home.

We have an opportunity to change that now.

Will you help us by signing the petition, tweeting and posting on social media? Let’s get Internet For All Now!

Thank you for your leadership and compassion.

Sunne Wright McPeak
President and CEO
California Emerging Technology Fund

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