Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WomenTech Proven Practices

Have you seen our free, National Science Foundation-funded Proven Practices Collection? The Proven Practices Collection brings educators a research-based blueprint for recruiting and retaining women and girls in the STEM classroom. You'll find over a hundred journal articles and proven practice case studies, all available to you at no cost.

Here are a few highlights from the dozens of articles, case studies and resources which are included in the Collection:
Women in Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College: Three Promising Practices (video)

Five years after introducing three key recruitment and retention strategies, women now make up around 42% of Harvey Mudd College's computer science program. In this Google Tech Talk video, Christine Alvarado shares the three practices Harvey Mudd College implemented to increase the number of women in their CS program: 1) new curriculum for CS1, 2) scholarship trips for female freshman to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computer Science, and 3) hands-on research projects for female sophomore CS students.

Watch Christine Alvarado's Google Tech Talk video


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