Friday, October 3, 2014

UC Davis C-STEM Center: 6 New UC A-G Courses with Computing Approved and Annual Conference

C-STEM Updates
A-G Approval

C-STEM partners,

The C-STEM Center is proud to announce that all six courses submitted to UCOP for A-G approval have been approved. This year, C-STEM will support six high school courses with A-G approval and four middle school courses.

Approved high school A-G courses available for 2014-2015 are:
• Algebra 1 with Computing (c - math credit)
• Algebra 1 with Computing and Robotics (c - math credit)
• Integrated Mathematics 1 with Computing (c - math credit)
• Integrated Mathematics 1 with Computing and Robotics (c - math credit)
• Introduction to Computer Programming with C (g – elective)
• Computing with Robotics (g – elective)

The details about these courses can be found at

The middle school courses are:
• Math 7 with Computing
• Math 8 with Computing
• Computer Programming with Ch
• Robotics

Since C-STEM has the UC A-G Program Status, the C-STEM A-G approved courses can be readily adopted by schools through the UCOP Doorways website ( and following the directions at the site.

C-STEM Annual Conference
On November 9, 2014 the C-STEM Center will host the 4th Annual Integrated Computing and STEM Education Conference to address the issues related to teaching integrated computing, science, technology, engineering, and math (C-STEM) in K-14 and the created synergy which increases student interest and helps them learn STEM subjects. The conference provides a forum for K-14 STEM teachers, researchers, educators, policy makers, and industrial partners to discuss and influence the future direction of integrated computing and STEM education. The conference offers a first-hand opportunity to examine the ground- breaking work of the C-STEM Center in formal, after school, and informal settings; and review the evidence for their impact on increasing student motivation and achievement in STEM subjects, closing the achievement gap, and improving college and career-readiness skills.

Pre-Conference Workshops

November 7 – 8, 2014 (for STEM Teachers without any computer programming experience)

This workshop trains STEM educators in reinforcing mathematical concepts through practical applications with hands-on computing and robotics activities.

November 8, 2014 (for STEM Teachers with computer programming experience)

This workshop trains STEM educators in cutting-edge computing and robotics technology to engage students in critical thinking and other 21st century skills.

The deadline for early registration for Conference and Pre Conference Workshop is October 9, 2014. More info at



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