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Geotech Center: Great Deal on Online GIS Courses!

What is the QGIS Academy?
The Academy is a series of five GIS courses, all based on the US Department of Labor Geospatial Technology Competency Model (GTCM), that represents the essential curriculum needed to teach entry-level GIS Technician education. The courses provide both the background theory of geospatial science as well as the hands-on application using the QGIS application software.

Illustration 1: US Department of Labor GTCM
What are the Courses?
The five courses were derived from a two year long effort, led by the GeoTech Center, in 2010 through 2012, that engaged 50 geospatial educators from US colleges and universities nationwide who reviewed the GTCM and selected a subset of specific knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). These KSAs were all ranked upon importance and sequenced into a coherent curriculum that includes these five GIS courses:

1. Introduction to Geospatial Technology

2. Spatial Analysis

3. Data Acquisition and Management

4. Cartography

5. Remote Sensing

Who Is the QGIS Academy?

The Academy is a consortium of colleges and universities who are deeply committed to bringing open source GIS education to students and educators throughout the US and beyond. The Academy is housed at Del Mar College (a SACS accredited college) and was created with funds from the US National Science Foundation and US Department of Labor through grants awarded to Del Mar College as the GeoTech Center (2008-2013) and the National Information, Security and Geospatial Technology Consortium (NISGTC). University faculty from Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi, Green Mountain College, Central New Mexico College, and American River College contributed to the content of the courses as subject matter experts in building the theory and lab material.

Who Teaches the Courses?

The Academy hires the same experts who created the material to teach it. These include professors at major GIS colleges and universities as well as working professionals certified as GISPs. They are all respected and experienced educators and GIS professionals. Your instructor might include:
Kurt Menke
Nate Jennings
John Van Hoesen

How are the classes taught?

Each course contains a multimedia presentation of the geospatial theory covered in that course. The hands-on labs are performed on the students own computer using the free QGIS software and data provided in the course. A complete set of videos showing learners how to complete each task in the lab are provided and access directly from YouTube. Completed labs are uploaded to the course and reviewed by the instructor. Exams and quizzes are all completed online using the course site and graded automatically with results and feedback provided to the learner.

When are they offered?
The inaugural offering of the first QGIS course will begin September 2014. The planned release of each course will be offered on the following monthly schedule:

1. GST 101 Introduction to Geospatial Technology: 9/1/2014, 10/6/2014, 11/3/2014
2. GST 102 Spatial Analysis: 10/6/2014, 11/3/2014
3. GST 103 Data Acquisition: 11/2/2014
4. GST 104 Cartography: 11/3/2014
5. GST 105 Remote Sensing: 11/3/2014

How Much Do They Cost?
Each course is offered for $25 USD. They can be taken individually, as they are offered. The total tuition fee for the five courses would be $125 USD. Payment is by credit card only please.

How do I register if I AM A US CITIZEN?

1. Read the instructions:: OnlineRegistrationProcess.

2. To register go here directly.

How do I register if I am NON US CITIZEN?

1. Email us directly for the registration form:

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