Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways Releases Framework

career ladders project

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With a growing number of states and communities investing in career pathways, The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways has jointly created a new Framework, Shared Vision, Strong Systems: The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways Framework Version 1.0, to establish a common understanding of quality career pathways and systems.

California was among 10 states that worked together as an Alliance to create the Framework. Linda Collins and Michael Williamson from the Career Ladders Project, served as key members of the California team, working closely with representatives of the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

Phase I of the Framework (July 2012 through May 2014) provides a clear set of criteria and indicators for what is considered a quality state and local/regional career pathway system. It also provides a comprehensive strategy for policymakers and funders to align and enhance their investments, technical assistance and guidance for building, scaling and sustaining career pathway systems.

Career Ladders Project

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