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Jun 23, 2014 CompTIA
New Tool from Leading IT Industry Trade Association Makes Learning IT Skills More Accessible and Effective, Setting Stage for IT Career Launch
Downers Grove, Ill., June 23, 2014 – CompTIA, the IT Industry Trade Association, today announced the worldwide availability of CompTIA CertMaster, a revolutionary new tool that makes learning IT skills easier, more accessible and more effective.
CompTIA CertMaster is an online, confidence-based learning solution that helps individuals learn and retain information more effectively, better preparing them for the IT certification exams that form the foundation of an IT career.
“Anyone looking to launch or advance a career in information technology can benefit from CompTIA CertMaster,” said Terry Erdle, executive vice president, certification and learning, CompTIA.
More than 500,000 IT positions are currently open with employers across the country, according to the latest estimates. IT certifications – such as CompTIA A+Network+Security+ and Strata IT Fundamentals – can be a critical differentiator in landing one of these jobs.
CompTIA CertMaster helps individuals prepare for these certification exams. It complements other training and curriculum by affirming and supporting an individual’s level of confidence so that they truly understand what they are studying.
“This affirmation allows the user to quickly master information; retain it for the long term; and recall what they’ve learned so they can respond confidently and correctly when taking the exam or performing on the job,” Erdle said.
Confidence-based Learning
CompTIA CertMaster relies on brain science and research in neurobiology, cognitive psychology and game study. The software combines key principles from each field to help users master – not just memorize – the material they need to learn.
“CompTIA CertMaster taps into feelings of progression, risk, achievement and curiosity,” explained Thomas Reilly, vice president, CompTIA Learning. “When you’re engaged and getting positive feedback, dopamine starts flowing, creating a positive feedback loop. This immediate, high-level feedback encourages you to learn from your mistakes and, ideally, keep playing and learning.”
Each user moves through the platform at their own pace, in a way that meets their unique learning style and prior knowledge. This makes it relevant for anyone – from students and beginners In IT to experienced IT professionals.
“CertMaster helps you focus on the weaker aspects of your knowledge and makes sure you read each question properly,” said Sean Byrne of Kildare, Ireland, who used the learning tool to prepare for his CompTIA A+ exam. “It’s an excellent study tool as it prepares the questions and explanations for you while concentrating on your weaker areas of knowledge.”
To date, 96 percent of CompTIA CertMaster users have rated the tool as excellent or good. Individuals who have used this form of learning have experienced a 50-75 percent decrease in training and study time to reach competency in the subject matter. Users demonstrated 80 percent knowledge retention after 12 months, compared to less than 5 percent retention after traditional learning methods.
CompTIA CertMaster can be used by individuals, schools, training providers, HR and IT departments, government agencies and many other organizations. It’s accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, allowing users to easily switch between devices without impacting their study experience.
CompTIA CertMaster is currently available for the CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ and Strata IT Fundamentals exams. Additional certifications exams will be added in the coming months.
Visit www.certmaster.com to learn more.
About CompTIA
CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (ICT) industry. Its members are the companies at the forefront of innovation; and the professionals responsible for maximizing the benefits organizations receive from their investments in technology. CompTIA is dedicated to advancing industry growth through its educational programs, market research, networking events, professional certifications, and public policy advocacy. For more information, visit CompTIA online and on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.
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