Monday, May 19, 2014

CCC OEI, EPI and CAI Joint Newsletter

To:       The California Community Colleges

From:   California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

RE:       First Edition Newsletter and Mailing List Signup

In December 2013, three major initiatives were launched by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. These initiatives have a variety of objectives but one primary goal, Student Success.

To keep the community informed, the three projects, Online Education Initiative (OEI), Education Planning Initiative (EPI), and Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) have launched a joint newsletter.  The Newsletter is free and will provide monthly updates on the forward progress of these projects

Two Easy Steps:

1. Select this link to access the Newsletter:

CCC Technology for Student Success News: Volume 1, Issue 1 - May 2014

2. Select “Join Our Mailing List” to receive automatic newsletter updates

Additional news and updates can be found at the three initiative websites:

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