Tuesday, May 20, 2014

3CS is pleased to announce a SPECIAL workshop addition to the 3CS agenda…

Security of Smart Grid Technology
This day-and-a-half workshop provides an orientation to the resiliency of power grid systems as Smart Grid technologies are adopted. Smart Grid introduces extensive communications, networking, and control components at all levels of grid operation, from generation to consumer, intended to enable more efficient and reliable grid operation, integration of renewables, new markets, and customer choice.

This technological revolution introduces complexities and challenges that must be understood to craft an effective national strategy to achieve the intended benefits of Smart Grid. The short course is suitable for participants with or without an engineering background.

Presenter:Tim Yardley Assistant Director, Testbed Services
Information Trust Institute, University of Illinois

Tuesday July 22, 1-4pm
• Introduction to Electric Power Grid Equipment
• Introduction to Communications and Networking for Utility Computing and Control
• Basics of Cybersecurity

Wednesday July 23, 9am-noon
• Power Grid Cyber Infrastructure Basics
• Trustworthy Wide-Area Monitoring and Situational Awareness
• Trustworthy Technologies for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Wednesday July 23, 1-4pm
• Maturity Model and Trust Metrics/Assessment
• Smart Grid Systems and Privacy
• Q&A, and Summary

Please note… there are ONLY 40 seats available in the Security of Smart Grid Technology Workshop & it requires you to stay an extra day at 3CS!

Registration Information
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