Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3CS Paves the Path for Cybersecurity Education in Community Colleges

Community colleges play a critical role educating the next generation of cybersecurity specialists by providing training and skills to create workforce warriors protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure. Educators will share insights, discuss challenges and create solutions at the first annual Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) on July 21st and 22nd at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois.

This unique forum is the only national academic conference that specifically addresses cybersecurity education in community colleges.

It’s been well known that community colleges nationwide are well prepared for educating professionals in cybersecurity. Community colleges are uniquely equipped to quickly respond and put new programs in place that result in making a huge difference in the workforce. The close-knit relationships that community colleges have among businesses and industries continue to assist educators in developing curriculum to match the ever-changing economy.

“Community colleges can play a critical role in giving students the hands-on skills that are needed on the front lines of defending computer networks,” explains Corby Horvis, National Science Foundation’s Program Director for Cybersecurity. “There are cybersecurity related jobs for students with a variety of skill levels and expertise, from Associates Degrees to a Ph.D.”

The blueprint that cybersecurity educators will be working on at 3CS will be distributed to all community colleges, key Federal agencies, Congressional committees, state boards of education, associations and businesses. The 3CS blueprint will determine how far community colleges have come in cybersecurity education, as well as provide a pathway for moving forward. The outcome will be a strong, positive influence for each stakeholder to insure our nation’s future cybersecurity education.

Twelve years ago, the NSF and the American Association of Community colleges jointly sponsored a conference that addressed the role of community colleges in cybersecurity education. As a conclusion, five recommendations were listed. At July’s 3CS, educators will discuss to what extent these recommendations have been achieved and what needs additional work in community colleges.

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3CS is offering advanced technical workshops and will host student presentations. Student presentations are a phenomenal resume-building opportunity that provides the rare occasion for students to experience presenting at a conference. Students can discuss experiences as being cybersecurity competition team leaders, helping in cybersecurity labs, internship experiences and student club opportunities.

\3CS will lead community college’s cybersecurity education platforms across the nation. This summit will give the community college educational system the leverage needed to best support the needs of critical infrastructures, such as telecommunications, transportation, energy, healthcare, banking and financial services, emergency services, manufacturing and water supply systems.

The outcome of 3CS will facilitate student success through education and career advancement, as well as addressing concerns about information systems and communication networks vulnerability to terrorism and other disruptions. Faculty, administrators and students involved in cybersecurity education are encouraged to attend. This networking opportunity leverages community college staff and faculty into the next phase of cybersecurity education. The information learned will not only influence future cybersecurity curricula but will give the community college staff in attendance an educational advantage.

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