Thursday, February 6, 2014

Web Professional Trends Podcast Series Wrap-Up

Covering Web Design, Development and Web Business Trends

Geared for the aspiring, the practicing and those that teach Web professional topics within the community college, is pleased to announce its Web Professional Trends for 2014 Wrap-up series.

Here's a breakdown of the podcast with individual links: 

* Web Apps vs Native Apps with Wilson Page @Mozilla 

* Ecommerce Trends with Dan Palmquist @TransFirts

* Change is the New Norm Trends with Brad Frost

* Native Advertising Trends with Rebecca Lieb

* Web Design Trends with Maryam Taheri

* HTML5 Trends with Edward J. Correia

* User Experience Trends with Tomer Sharon, @Google

* Mobile Web and Desktop Apps Trends with David Balmer

* Multi Device and Web Professional Advice with Jeremy Girard

* Mobile and Browser Trends with Chris Wilson @Google

* Web, Interactive Design and Typograpgy Trends with Jason Cranford Teague

* Search Trends with @Covario

* Web Development Trends with Raymond Camden @Adobe

* Social Media Trends with Alan Knecht

* Web Design with HMTL and CSS Trends with Eric Meyer

* Web Content Marketing Trends with Kevin Lee

* User Experience Trends with Dave Hogue, @Google

* Web Technology and Business Trends with Jim Sterne,

* Web Development and JavaScript Trends with Charles Wyke-Smith,

* Search Marketing Trends with Lance Loveday, CEO @ClosedLoop

* Open Source and Graphic Community Trends with Garth Braithwaite, @Adobe 


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