Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cal Pass Plus Launches User-Friendly Web Tools

Expansive new website provides a wealth of actionable education-to-workforce pipeline data and improved user tools


Cal-PASS Plus today debuted an innovative new collection of tools including publicly available, actionable K-12 data charts for every public school in the state, easy-to-access K-12 to community college transition reports, and an Education-to-Workforce Pipeline dashboard populated with regional and county academic and economic performance data. The improved Cal-PASS Plus tool kit, designed to enhance collaboration toward improving student outcomes, also provides new data upload tools to greatly simplify the data submission process for users. The improved features can be viewed at www.calpassplus.org.

Publicly Available Actionable Data
Cal-PASS Plus continues to provide secure access to data for MOU holders but has added a wealth of publicly available data and resources open to all users, including a K-12 best-practice framework and student data charts and graphs for all California elementary and high schools that, for the past decade, were offered through the non-profit organization Educational Results Partnership (ERP). ERP manages Cal-PASS Plus in partnership with San Joaquin Delta College and the San Joaquin County Office of Education.

New Reports and Tools for MOU Holders
New Cal-PASS Plus features for MOU holders include K-12 through college transition reports, allowing users to follow the progress of their students -- by whole population, by subgroups, and for students placed in remedial coursework -- from elementary school to post-secondary education.

Cal-PASS Plus now also includes an easy data upload tool, allowing K-12 schools to submit CALPADS files rather than downloading a validator tool and submitting individual files.

Education-to-Workforce Pipeline
A major addition to the suite of tools is the Education-to-Workforce Pipeline dashboard. This dashboard allows users to view student performance data charts for critical subjects and transition milestones from elementary school through college. This includes college readiness charts, a backward-mapping modeling tool that helps to show how well students are prepared to begin college-level coursework when they leave high school.

The pipeline also includes labor market data for areas such as projected job growth in the top five fields of industry and regional unemployment numbers.

More to Come
Over the next few months additional data will be added to the Cal-PASS Plus site, including pre-K and expanded university and labor market data, and more user-friendly reports and tools. In addition, many MOU holders have begun to expand their data sharing agreements to contribute to a more comprehensive view of education feeder patterns so they can better identify challenges to and solutions for improving student outcomes.

In the meantime, your feedback and questions are welcome as we continue to improve the usefulness of the Cal-PASS Plus system of data.

For more information please contact:

For K-12
Michele Badovinac
Director of Pre-K through 12 Outreach, Cal-PASS Plus
(209) 468-5932
Email: michele@calpassplus.org

For College & University
Emily Lawrence, Ed. D.
Director of College & University Outreach, Cal-PASS Plus
(209) 954-5820
Email: emily@calpassplus.org

For the data help desk

916-498-8980 | info@calpassplus.org

2300 N Street, Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95816

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