Thursday, September 5, 2013 Challenge to Inspire Student Entrepreneurs

Dear Teacher/Administrator:

Are you looking for activities to help your students succeed? Or maybe land the perfect job? Then participate in the Challenge. It is designed to inspire student entrepreneurs to achieve business ideas while providing an opportunity for students to learn entrepreneur and business development skills sparking business creation and workforce development.

It’s sponsored by, a membership supported organization and SkillsUSA the leading Career Technical Student Organization with 300,000 members in the U.S. The challenge is a part of the broader initiative to promote innovation and student entrepreneurship.

Why is it important? 

•Entrepreneurs create job growth
•Future jobs depend innovation and entrepreneurship
•It will fix Americas stalled economy

What the experts say
“Growth doesn’t just happen, and it’s not necessarily driven by demand. Growth comes from innovation and from entrepreneurs who create demand.”. Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, the leading data collecting organization.
“The quick math on this: Among 30 million students in the U.S. middle schools and high schools, there are approximately 90,000 who have rare genius-level entrepreneurial talent. America needs to find them all. Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, the leading data collecting organization.

“The challenge will empower and equip students in career pathways ranging from healthcare, energy, art and design, construction, information technology, retail, green, financial and professional services and social entrepreneurs with the proper technology tools, resources and strategies needed to produce a successful business.” said Bill Cullifer, founder

Who’s eligible? 

All students are eligible to participate regardless of educational or career interest. There is no cost to students or teacher and the rewards are plentiful.

What’s required to participate?

Conducted completely over the Web, the challenge provides students with an award-winning start to launching a business idea, plan and pitch to business and industry professionals and win recognition and introductions to potential investors. Students are responsible for writing their own business plans and pitching their businesses with a 3-5 minute video.

What are the benefits?

Students and the teachers who participate will receive free entrepreneurship training; free business plan development training; and mentoring.

Winners will receive an opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential investors.

When does it start and end?

Registration is open now and the deadline for challenge entries is December 1, 2013

Additional Detail and information on how to participate: For more information and to participate, go to For more information, contact Bill Cullifer at 916 989-2933 or by email at bill AT

What is the imitative?
By adding three key elements, aims to expand and convert the fields of study representing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) into a more inclusive and necessary field (STEAMIE).


Bill Cullifer
Executive Director

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