Thursday, September 26, 2013

MOUSE Squad Student Tech Leadership Program

The nonprofit MOUSE Squad Student Tech Leadership program, is the award-winning STEM Innovation in Technology program that enables students in Grades 4-12 to learn 21st Century Information Technology (IT), communication, leadership, and problem solving skills, while providing tech services to their schools. It can be an after-school program or an in-school elective.
MOUSE Squad of California (MSCA), began with 5 Silicon Valley middle schools in 2004, and is now in 105 California schools and agencies,
Schools and agencies that apply by October 30, 2013 for 2013-14 program implementation:
  1. Have preference for a MSCA mini-grant
  2. May attend November/December 2013 training for MSCA instructors/coordinators
The 1-page MSCA Student Tech program application is on our website,, and can be used to apply for the mini-grant also.
Prerequisites for successful implementation:
  1. 5 - 25 students interested in learning about computers
  2. Technology devices with Internet access
  3. Instructors interested in teaching online technology and workplace skills curriculum
  4. An administrator supportive of students assisting teachers with tech projects
  5. Parents who champion student tech leaders
  6. Funding from sources such as After-School, Career Tech Ed, 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) grants, site or district magnet program allocations, local businesses, foundations, or service organizations, i.e. Lions Club or Rotary.
The core elements of the nonprofit program include:
  • 100-hour online curriculum with technology and workplace modules;
  • Hands-on activities and service learning projects:
  • Tech focus areas and/or student-run help desk with ticket management systems;
  • Volunteers to assist with curriculum, help desk, mentoring; field trips for students; internships for high school youth.
If you know of schools or agencies that may be interested in implementing the nonprofit MOUSE Squad Student Tech program, let me know, and I will be happy to follow up with them.
If you know of other funding sources that may be a good fit for the MSCA program, we would be interested in learning about them also.
MSCA is a program of Aspiranet, a non-profit organization that provides after-school, Youth Development, and community technology programs, as well as children and family services in California. MSCA is in partnership with MOUSE (Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools & Education),, a New York City-based non- profit. 
Jan Half
Program Director, MOUSE Squad of California (MSCA)
A Student Tech Leadership program of ASPIRAnet - Raising Hope, Empowering Community.
STEM Innovation in Technology Awardee
Phone: 408-712-5912
Fax: 650-573-6586
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