Friday, September 6, 2013

California Virtual Campus: 19,873 Online Courses; 1,356 Online Degrees

19,873 Online Courses; 1,356 Online Degrees

After its annual update, the California Virtual Campus distance education catalog listings include 19,873 courses and 1,356 degree programs offered online by 166 accredited higher education institutions in California. The total includes 10,915 courses and 611 degree programs offered by the California Community Colleges system.
The new total indicates significant growth in online offerings. Listings of online courses increased by 5 percent while online degree programs increased by 9 percent when compared to pre-update totals.
The CVC distance education catalog provides the most comprehensive listing available for online courses and degree programs offered by California's accredited public and private higher education institutions. Visitor's can seek and compare courses and programs by keyword, subject, school, and/or institutional segment.
The CVC distance education catalog allows institutions to update their relevant information via the website. Information for institutions that do not update their own listings are included in the annual update process. The annual update is generally conducted in July and August just prior to the Fall term.
The CVC aggregates information according to a catalog perspective rather than as a class schedule. It attempts to provide information on all online courses and programs that an institution offers rather than specific sessions offered within a specific term.
In this year's update, information was collected between July 15 and August 15 and all listings were updated by August 30. The CVC employs a team of students to collect the information from publicly available sources. The team is instructed to gather information as if they were students intent on attending the online courses and degree-granting programs.
Did we get it wrong? Representatives of higher education institutions in the CVC distance education catalog are invited to contact CVC staff with requests for correction or other inquiries. Please contact Sandoval Chagoya, CVC Project Manager, at or 530-879-4088.<>

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