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Ask SSC . . . What is the California Career Pathways Program?

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Volume 33 For Publication Date: August 09, 2013 No. 16 
Q. I've heard about a new funding source for career-technical education in the 2013-14 State Budget. Can you tell me more about it? 
A. The 2013-14 State Budget includes $250 million for the establishment of the "California Career Pathways Trust." This program, a priority for Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), will provide funds for K-14 career pathways programs over three years, beginning with 2013-14. These funds are independent of any other career-technical education funds being received by a K-14 district, county office, or charter school and will be provided on a competitive basis in the form of one-time grants. 
While the request for application is still in the process of being drafted, the education omnibus bill (Assembly Bill 86, Chapter 48/2013) outlines that grants will be available for programs that accomplish any of the following: 
  • Fund specialists in work-based learning to convene, connect, measure, or broker efforts to establish or enhance a locally defined career pathways program that connects K-14 education with business entities
  • Establish regional collaborative relationships and partnerships with business entities, community organizations, and local institutions of postsecondary education 
  • Develop and integrate standards-based academics with a career-relevant, sequenced curriculum following industry-themed pathways that are aligned to high-need, high-growth, or emerging regional economic sectors 
  • Provide articulated pathways to postsecondary education aligned with regional economies 
  • Leverage and build on any of the following: 
    • Existing structures, requirements, and resources of the Carl D. Perkins, California Partnership Academies, and regional occupational programs 
    • Matching resources and in-kind contributions from public, private, and philanthropic sources
    • The California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development Program and its sector strategies and deputy sector navigators
    • Participation in the local California Community Colleges Skills Panel 
It is important to note that grant recipients must identify and set aside funding within their own budget and obtain funding commitments from program partners sufficient to support the ongoing costs of the program. Additionally, grant recipients will be required to report to the state on the outcome measures of the grant, including pupil and student academic performance indicators; the number and rate of school or program graduates; attainment of certificates, transfer readiness, and postsecondary enrollment; and transitions to appropriate employment, apprenticeships, or job training.
Grant applications are expected to be released this fall, and we will post a notice once available.
—Michelle McKay Underwood and Kathleen O'Sullivan
posted 07/25/2013

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