Thursday, April 11, 2013

Silicon Valley Nova WIB Tech Ladder

The Silicon Valley Nova Workforce Investment Board is launching its Tech Ladder initiative to assist its clients in developing ICT related knowledge and skills for success in 21st century information, knowledge and innovation economies.  MPICT encourages other workforce boards to embrace digital literacy and ICT skill development as part of their missions.




·       Expand access to career ladders at all tech-related skill levels

·       Enhance regional economic competitiveness by preparing talented professionals to fill critical skill gaps

·       Promote a more inclusive tech workforce at all skill levels

·       Foster family economic self-sufficiency


TechLadder is promoting access, inclusion, career advancement and economic self-sufficiency for workers in all occupations requiring Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) skills, while leveraging the strategic advantages of Silicon Valley’s knowledge-based economy.   
The initiative will illuminate career pathways that enable entry-level and lower skill workers to advance along career ladders, providing more value to their communities and employers. Target populations will include members of underrepresented groups and low-wage, low-skill workers.


·       Career pathways research to understand career success factors for tech workers. (Beginning immediately)

·       Demand-side research on industry skill requirements, supply-side research on the existing tech labor pool and an assessment of similar career ladder initiatives.

·       Implementation:  Replicating career success factors for target populations including support for technical, non-technical and career navigation skills.


·       NOVA Workforce Development, Silicon Valley workforce board

·       Economic Advancement Research Institute, non-profit think tank

·       Creating IT Futures Foundation, philanthropic arm of CompTIA

·       Cisco Systems, global networking company

·       The Stride Center, non-profit promoting tech career access 

·       San Jose State University program in applied anthropology

Contact:  Luther Jackson, NOVA Workforce Development,

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