Thursday, February 28, 2013

New CCC Information Security Officer

CCC TechEDge

Jeff Holden, Information Security Officer, CCC Technology Center
The California Community Colleges Technology Center is pleased to announce that Jeff Holden has joined its team. As the new Information Security Officer, Jeff will continue the center's tradition of excellence in support of statewide technology projects with a focus on information security initiatives.

Jeff comes from Mt. San Antonio College where, as manager of network data and security, he was responsible for the campuses information security resources, and he supervised the network administrators responsible for most of the campus infrastructure. Jeff was with Mt. San Antonio College for 13 years in a variety of IT positions, including turns as a systems and network administrator.

Jeff also taught several courses as adjunct faculty and served on the curriculum committee for the Computer and Network Technology program at Mt. San Antonio College. The courses he taught included preparation courses for security, server and network certification.

For the CCC Technology Center, Jeff will be working on a variety of information security initiatives, including programs designed to enhance information security awareness statewide throughout the CCC system, information security policy development, and information security resources for use by the colleges. This effort has already begun with a survey sent to technology leaders statewide. The survey will help Jeff to focus his work by determining the security priorities of the CCC system.

Jeff is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and has a BS in Computer Science from California State University, San Bernardino. He was born in California and grew up in Redlands. He went to college at Crafton Hills Community College before transferring to CSUSB.

Jeff got his start in IT as a student worker, working the helpdesk at a small non profit Internet Service Provider that was run by the San Bernardino County school system to help provide internet access to the local schools. That organization was bought out by a for-profit ISP, and Jeff left shortly after the buy out when he found a position at Mt. San Antonio College. He started there part time, maintaining two labs of computers, and worked his way up to the Manager of Network & Data Security position.

Jeff said that he met his wife while attending CSUSB. They eventually got married and have one "rambunctious, red-headed" 8-year-old son.

Jeff said that he likes all things technology and he loves to play with new technology whenever he can. He has his own computer lab at home with a couple of servers and an old cisco switch where he experiments with virtualization and security. He also said that he loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking with his family.<>

Sandoval Chagoya is the TechEDge Managing Editor and a Project Manager for the
California Community Colleges Technology Center and the California Virtual Campus.

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