Thursday, January 10, 2013

WhyITNow ICT Workforce Preparation Initiative and California Employer Foundational ICT Competencies Study Invitations

Dear IT Industry Representatives, IT Operations Professionals, and ICT Educators,

Please help improve IT education, IT workforce development, IT industry economic development, and Digital Literacy in California through the following two initiatives:

To thrive and prosper in the 21st century, California needs to adapt to new information, knowledge and innovation economy requirements, including:

·         an adequate understanding and appreciation of the strategic importance of information and communication technologies (ICT) by policymakers and planners,

·         economic development priorities and plans to further incent ICT industry successes in California,

·         an educated and digitally literate population, employee and consumer base,

·         a consistent and competent technical workforce adequately prepared for the demands of 21st century economies and enterprises.

Join, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the Mid-Pacific ICT Center (MPICT) and many others throughout California advocating for IT strategic focus, planning and change by adding your name to the ICT Workforce Preparation Initiative!


Contribute your knowledge and experience to improving ICT Workforce and education by participating or asking your contacts with direct knowledge of ICT workforce competency demands to complete the California Employer Foundational ICT Competencies Study!

The study’s goal is to develop a set of employer-generated, clearly defined competencies expected of the future ICT Workforce, to create better consistency across college programs and employer needs.  The study is focused at a foundational level, knowledge and skills expected of all ICT Workforce, regardless of specialized role.  The results of the study will help address a skills mismatch problem, in which a majority of employers report difficulties finding appropriately skilled ICT Workforce, even in this period of high unemployment.

Your participation is important to improve the competitiveness and success of California, California companies, California IT operations, and California students, workers and citizens in the 21st century.


Bill Cullifer
Executive Director

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