Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Publications from the Bay Area Council Economic Institute

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute is pleased to announce the availability of its latest studies:
  • Technology Works: High-Tech Employment and Wages in the United States details the geography, growth patterns, and importance of high-tech jobs in the United States.
    —December 2012 (PDF: 40 pages, 2.4 MB)
  • The Bay Area: A Regional Economic Assessment evaluates the state of the regional economy and what is supporting or inhibiting growth and job creation.
    —October 2012 (PDF: 76 pages, 2 MB)
  • The Bay Area Innovation System: How the San Francisco Bay Area Became the World's Leading Innovation Hub and What Will be Necessary to Secure Its Future assesses the region's innovation system, its key components and their patterns of interaction, and challenges to its leadership.
    —June 2012 (PDF: 108 pages, 5 MB)
  • Shaping the Cities of Tomorrow presents the findings of the Global Green Cities of the 21st Century International Symposium, organized by the Economic Institute in 2011.
    —September 2012 (PDF: 36 pages, 1.8 MB)
Since the report can only summarize the high-level findings of the symposium, we invite you to also visit the new website,, created by the Institute to present the latest information and state-of-the-art thinking on sustainable urbanization and green cities and to connect visitors to related Institute and partner programs.

All Bay Area Council Economic Institute publications can be accessed from the Institute's website at

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