Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Research and Planning Group announces the Leading from the Middle Academy—January-December 2013

California community colleges are in an unprecedented period of change—fewer resources and a greater need for access and services than ever before. To meet the challenges ahead, we will need leaders who can inspire, strategize, motivate and educate.

Middle leaders are often the nexus of change and innovation. Faculty leaders, deans, directors and researchers are in the unique position to leverage the energy and resources necessary to improve a college. However, these pivotal players are often isolated, which underscores the need for local and statewide networks that support the work of middle leadership. The Academy is designed for teams of practitioners from the faculty, middle administration, and research who will engage in conceptual and practical aspects of building momentum around a local initiative, while simultaneously exploring ways to improve their college’s cultural coherence, effectiveness, and capacity to influence student achievement.

The Leading from the Middle Academy is designed as a year-long series of activities to address these needs by supporting middle leaders with both their personal development and the development of improvement agendas at the local level. Ideally participants would attend in teams of three: a mid-level administrator, faculty leader and researcher, though team attendance is not required. The Academy will be an interactive and immersive experience in which middle leaders have an opportunity to reflect, learn, and share while working on projects at their own colleges.

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