Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CA Career Briefs: Grow a Network to Find Work

Grow a Network

Did you know?

Many college students are struggling to find jobs because they fail to develop their careers while in college. Students need to market themselves online and actively network offline in order to secure the jobs they seek. In his book, The Start-Up of You, Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman suggests that to succeed in today’s work world- it takes a network. Hoffman emphasizes that relationships matter to a person’s career no matter the organization he/she seeks to join because people control resources, opportunities, information and access. He encourages his readers to reach out and connect to others as they develop and strengthen their personal and professional networks. He suggests that students take time to share information, make introductions and use social media tools to stay in touch. Get your students thinking about growing their networks with this activity.

Do this…

  • Question students about how they are marketing themselves to find jobs.
  • View video.
  • Distribute Student Activity, discuss directions and complete.
  • Discuss students’ ideas on growing their networks.
  • List things students can begin doing now to market themselves.

Add an Experience!

For more ideas on developing a network invite students to stop by the CACareerCafe.Com to learn more about how to Network like a Pro. In addition, students can download a 9 page summary of The Start-Up of You right here. Finally, sugggest students take steps to add several people to their networks within the month.

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