Friday, October 12, 2012

College and Career Ready in the 21st Century: Making High School Matter

College & Career in the 21st Century
Making High School Matter

College and Career Ready in the 21st Century: Making High School Matter is the first, comprehensive effort to place career and technical education at the forefront of education reform. Weaving together research from academics, prescriptions and program models from councils, working groups, and trade associations, guidelines from the U.S. Department of Education, along with commentary from practitioners, Stone and Lewis provide a conceptual framework to prepare all American youth for productive lives and continued learning beyond high school. And in the process, make high school matter, especially for the majority of young people who will never complete a traditional college degree.

"This book will be valuable to policymakers and educators everywhere." Katherine Hughes, Teacher's College, Columbia University.

"Essential reading for anyone who believes creating more effective high schools is a key step towards revitalizing the American economy." William C. Symonds, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

"Stone and Lewis make a strong case that offering more career and technical education will improve students' performance in high school, post-secondary education, and the labor market." David Stern, University of California, Berkeley.

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James R. Stone III
University of Louisville
Director, National Research Center for Career & Technical Education

Jim Stone is a Distinguished University Scholar and Professor at the University of Louisville. Jim has been the Director of the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education since 2002.

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