Friday, September 7, 2012

California Computer Science Transfer Model Curriculum Finalized

Dear Computer Science Faculty,

We are pleased to announce that the Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) for Computer Science has been finalized and is ready for use by community colleges across California. The TMC is intended to facilitate implementation of SB 1440 (Padilla, 2010). The finalized version of the Computer Science TMC is available online at

Now that the Computer Science TMC is finalized, CCC faculty have the option of developing degrees that align with the TMC. Degrees that align with a TMC will reflect statewide faculty dialog regarding appropriate preparation for a given major and will benefit from a streamlined approval process at the CCC Chancellor’s Office. Students who complete degrees that conform to the SB 1440 structure will benefit from admission preferences and other guarantees at the CSU upon transfer.

Numerous resources and information are available with regard to SB 1440 and the TMCs. We encourage you to explore the websites and resources listed below and post your questions on the discussion forum:

·         Academic Senate Website:      
·         Academic Senate Discussion Forum:
·         CCC Chancellor’s Office:
·         C-ID Website:

We are also seeking full-time faculty willing to serve as Course Outline of Record Evaluators (COREs) for courses submitted against each of the Computer Science descriptors.  If you’re interested in serving as a CORE, please email us at

Best Regards,

Holly Demé
Program Specialist 
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 525
Sacramento, CA 95814

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