Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Training Spotlight: New Windows Server 2012 Training Available Now

Brigitte Hayes
SR Partner/Channel Marketing Manager, WPG
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It’s a busy time for Windows Server 2012. At WPC 2012, we announced new capabilities in Windows Server 2012 that enable Hosting Service Providers to easily deliver high density website hosting and Infrastructure as a Service scenarios in a Windows Server-based environment. Developing these services in Windows Azure enables a consistent customer experience across cloud platforms. To learn more, check out the Window Server 2012 for Hosting Partners course here.
There’s also a wealth of new Windows Server 2012 training available for various roles that I’d like to call to your attention.
Implementers: If you’re looking for deep technical training, we now have 27 new courses, broken out by popular technologies, to help you learn about and prepare to execute new installations:
All of this training, with additional info for architects, can be found on the Windows Server 2012 readiness learning path...

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