Friday, June 15, 2012

US Dept of Ed College Affordability and Transparency Center

Here you will find information about tuition and net prices at postsecondary institutions. The site highlights institutions with high and low tuition and fees as well as high and low net prices (the price of attendance minus grant and scholarship aid). It also shows institutions where tuition and fees and net prices are increasing at the highest rates.

Here you will find links to colleges' net price calculators. Net price calculators help you estimate how much colleges cost after scholarships and grants.

Here you can search for and compare colleges on all sorts of criteria including costs, majors offered, size of school, campus safety, and graduation rates.

Here you will find a list of for-profit (proprietary) postsecondary institutions that receive more than 90 percent of their revenues from Title IV Federal Student Aid.

Here you will find summary information on changes in state appropriations for postsecondary education, state aid for students, and tuition and fees.

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