Monday, June 11, 2012

Successful COE-iima4biz webinar on social media jobs and curriculum development…recorded …watch when you please

In case you missed it …
Social Media Curriculum What’s Next?
A CA Jobs and CCC Curriculum Webinar

It was a well received and timely review of the emerging California market for Social Media Jobs and a discussion of an opportunity for CCC instructors to collaborate on Social Media Curriculum.

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-       Audrey Reille, Director of the Center of Excellence (COE) in LA/Orange, will present the findings of the Statewide Social Media Environmental Scan produced this February 2012 in partnership with Michelle Marquez, COE Director for the Central Valley Region.

o   About the scan: The emergence of social media impacts job functions across multiple industries and occupations, and in particular: (1) public relations (PR); (2) marketing and media communications; (3) business: development, sales, and advertising; and (4) social media management. The COE study included an employer survey, an analysis of online job postings, and secondary research to identify occupational growth, wages, skill set needed for social media jobs, existing community college courses, model programs, and recommendations to colleges to meet new workforce development needs. The full report is available at

-       Steve Wright, iima4biz Initiative EWD, will discuss the potential to collaborate and share material on the newly developed CCC Social Media Curriculum Collaboration site (

o   About the site:  This site is dedicated and restricted to CA CCC Faculty, instructors and EWD trainers who wish to share ideas, links and curriculum related to Social Media, Interactive Internet and Mobile Applications relevant for instruction at the CCC's or EWD workshops.
o   Joining this exclusive site cohort will provide timely, filtered and relevant information discussed by your peers.  Here, you can enjoy a responsive dialogue about the issues developed on the Discussions, Success stories or News items areas of the site.  This is a ground up collaborative effort with all data supplied by the registered members.

-       For questions please call Steve Wright (805 231 8444)
Stephen Wright
Economic & Workforce Development - California Community Colleges

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