Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ohlone VMware Community Education Course Offered to Students Anywhere

Like many other community colleges in this crisis of funding for public education, Ohlone College will not offer for regular enrollment as many ICT related courses as demanded by its community - in spite of employers reporting difficulties finding appropriately skilled ICT workforce, even in this period of high unemployment, and in spite of the majority of the California population continually expressing support for public education as a high state government priority.

Grappling with this situation, members of the Computers, Networks and Emerging Technology (CNET) Department have come up with a very reasonable VMWare VCP 5.0 certification class through its Community Education program.  

Virtualization technologies are hot, and demand for skilled ICT workforce with virtualization skills is also hot.  VMware is a market leading virtualization company.  There are lots of well-paid jobs for VMware  virtualization technology skills.

Students can take this class from anywhere, accessing VMware equipment remotely for "hands-on" experiences and interacting synchronously with teachers and students via CCC Confer online collaboration tools.

Students can visit this link to register.

Or they may call our Community Education office at 510-742-2303 to register by phone.

This is a high quality course, available to students anywhere, interactively over the Internet, that leads to well-paid work.

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