Monday, April 9, 2012

Small, Medium-Sized Businesses Find Jobs Hard to Fill

"The U.S. labor market is struggling with a paradox: despite an 8.3% unemployment rate, many jobs go begging.
"The Institute for Supply Management-New York said this week that 20% of its members say the shortage of skilled labor is an obstacle to business. On Thursday, the National Federation of Independent Business reported a rising share of small business owners who say they have jobs that are hard to fill...
"A PNC survey found 45% of small and medium sized businesses say their labor requirements are higher than in the recent past. What’s on the wish list? Computer/technical abilities, experience “in the field” and communication skills.
"The skills gap has ramifications for the outlook. Fed policymakers are already factoring in the mismatch while trying to decide policy. Unfilled jobs cripple production capabilities and also mean less income that could be used to support consumer spending..."


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  2. Us government is trying their best to full fill the requirement of jobs; it takes time but they will recover from it.