Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teach Next-Generation ICT Skills - Become a Citrix IT Academy

The Citrix Academic Network

The cloud is radically changing how the world does business and how consumers interact with technology.  Organizations need talent with next-generation ICT skills to take advantage of the opportunities of the cloud.  The Citrix Academic Network provides resources and an IT Academy program to help students and educators build knowledge and hands-on skills in virtualization and cloud computing.

Free Resources

Citrix provides free resources and Citrix technology for academic institutions to incorporate in their instruction and research.  Go to citrix.com/academic to access videos, self-paced technical overviews, case studies, software, APIs, and more to:
       Provide an introduction to virtualization and cloud computing
       Complement existing ICT, computer science, or software engineering courses
       Set up virtualization demonstrations
       Develop advanced-level projects, courses and research

Citrix IT Academy Program

The Citrix IT Academy is part of the Citrix Academic Network and provides free Citrix authorized desktop, application and server virtualization courses to approved academic institutions for delivery over an academic term using Citrix Academic Instructors.  Benefits include:

       Citrix Authorized hands-on curriculum aligning to the Citrix Certified Administrator for XenDesktop, XenApp and XenServer certification
       Instructor learning and delivery resources including: online courses, instructor and lab manuals, setup guides, slides, certification exam vouchers, etc.
       Free Certification exam voucher for students that successfully complete each Citrix course
       Free Citrix product software and licenses for teaching Citrix courses
       Welcome kit with resources (i.e. posters, banner, logo, recruiting presentation, etc.) to launch and promote a successful program

IT Academy Training and Support Model

The Citrix IT Academy program incorporates a two-tier model.  Regional IT Academies recruit IT Academies into the program and provide instructor training and support.

Call to Action: Become a Citrix IT Academy or Regional IT Academy

A pilot has been underway since mid-2011.  The program will officially launch in early Q2 2012.  If you are interested in becoming an IT Academy go to www.citrix.com/academic and complete the Request for Information form.  Program information and application will be available on the site by May 1, 2012.  If you are interested in becoming a Regional IT Academy, please contact Dan Myers, Global Academic Programs Manager at: Dan.Myers@citrix.com.

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