Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Join us: Take the pledge for the Female Role Model Campaign

The Female Role Model Campaign empowers women and girls in every school in the country to see themselves as engineers, electricians, surgeons and welders, and to inspire them to pursue careers that they may never have even dreamed of. In 2012, we pledge to take the first step by bringing examples of female role models to 2,012 schools throughout the country.

What's at stake

For women to be in a position to support their families they need to have the freedom to choose career paths that provide them with unlimited potential. Many believe that women bring a different perspective to technology and science, and that their perspective would help solve problems and make the United States more competitive.

In 2010, the leading occupation for women was still secretary. Women are only 7 % of civil engineers, 1.5% of electricians, 1.8% of auto technicians and 20% of computer programmers. Many women and girls don't think of themselves in these career pathways because their numbers are so small.

It doesn't have to be this way. Can you picture a computer networking, automotive or engineering classroom where half the students are women? It's 2012: It's time to live in a world in which women and girls wouldn't be pioneers just because they loved science and technology.

What you can do: Take the pledge for the Female Role Model Campaign

In joining the cause for the Female Role Model Campaign, I pledge to:

1. Take personal responsibility for displaying six posters, banners, or career videos of female role models in my local school.

2. Click the pledge button below and ask three other people I know to do this.

3. Inspire others to action by taking photos of the posters and banners that I had displayed at my local school.

Use your Facebook account to take the pledge and spread the word:

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