Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ICT-Convergence on ATE TV

ATETV: Advanced Technological Education Television

You are no doubt familiar with Information and Communications Technologies. But what about Convergence Technology? It falls under the ICT umbrella, but remains a separate field of study.

According to the Mid Pacific ICT Center "Historically, many Information and Communications Technologies fields developed separately: in different companies, departments and R&D groups; and at different times. With rapid improvements in computer processing power, networking technology advances, programming interface improvements, widespread adoption of Internet Protocols, integration into organizational strategic operations, and improved workforce and user competencies, however, these fields are rapidly converging."

"Equipment is converging into ever fewer devices. Previously separate networks are converging. Previously separate organizational departments are converging into single operations. In the U.S., these trends are often referred to as 'convergence.' ".. and the related field? Convergence Technology.

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