Thursday, December 22, 2011

Technology Use on the College campus

Interesting infographic on the use and student views of technology on U.S. college campuses, including:
  • Most valuable computer applications 
  • Most valuable ICT devices
  • Frequency of technology use by faculty and students
  • Internet access
  • Most important websites
  • Social networking use
Some nuggets:
  • 47% of students agree that technology makes professors better at their jobs
  • Most valuable software applications are 1) word processing, 2) email, 3) presentation software, 4) CMS, 5) library website, 6) spreadsheets...
  • Students use laptops, printers, thumb drives and smart phones more than instructors
  • 40% of students think their institutions don't use the technology they have effectively
  • 90% of students believe Wi-Fi is as essential to an education as a classroom
  • 60% of students said they wouldn't attend a college that didn't offer free Wi-Fi
  • 58% of students are comfortable communicating with other students about school via social networking sites, but they don't think social networking is the best way to communicate with faculty.  They prefer to do that formally, via email.

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