Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Southern California Information Technology (IT) Innovation Summit to focus on IT and New Media Jobs and Education for California

Please join other leading Information Technology (IT) and New Media employment experts and education professionals to discuss perspectives on local jobs and how to promote IT and education pathways, December 9, 2011, at the L.A. County Office of Education in Downey, CA.

With a financial downturn in the economy, higher than average unemployment and shrinking governmental budgets, it is imperative that policy decision makers and educators address the knowledge and skills required for students to compete in a global market.  

Organized by the WebProfessionals.org WhyITNow.org initiative, a grass roots coalition of industry and education professionals, IT Innovation Summit supporters include Monster.com, CompTIA, State of California Department of Education, the L.A. County ROP and the new California Community College ICT Collaborative.

Summit speakers will focus on local jobs, partnerships and innovative strategies and conversations for California. Featured speakers include:

         Gary Page, California Department of Education
         Bill Cullifer, WebProfessionals.org
         James Jones, Mid-Pacific ICT (MPICT) Center and
California Community College ICT Collaborative
         Andy Vaughn, Monster.com
         Alan Rowland, CompTIA.

Participants will discuss the growing demand for IT and New Media Jobs, skills required by employers, the latest employment labor market information for California and connecting students with industry jobs in some of the nation's fastest growing economic sectors.

“This important event brings together insightful IT and New Media industry and educators from throughout Southern California to get the latest information on Information Technology and New Media jobs and to discuss how we can best focus our efforts working together to cause positive outcomes for students,” said Gary Page, Consultant, California Department of Education.

The Summit will include four panel discussions that will explore the challenges higher education and America face today.

         The first panel, “What Surveys are telling us about IT and New Media Jobs,” will focus on where the IT and New Media Jobs are, workforce job growth estimates, salary information, skills in the highest demand, and the latest in Green IT, Health IT, Computer Science and Web Technologies

         The second panel, “Building IT Programs that Work for All Students” will focus on the latest in Green IT, Health IT, Computer Science and Web Technologies.

         The third panel, “IT Pathways, Articulation and Vision for the Future” will focus on available resources, including academic and technical standards for IT and New Media, curriculum frameworks and online resources, professional development options, exploring options for IT articulation in your community, trends in CTE, advocacy tools, funding resources, How Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) can benefit you and your students,  and resources for successful 2+2+2 connections.

         The fourth panel, “Building Effective Partnerships and Community Relationships” will focus on Tool Kits and how to use them to your advantage, articulation agreements and templates, and key strategies for implementing them today.

“By maximizing the power of technology, we can strengthen the quality and affordability of our health care, advance climate friendly energy development and deployment, improve education throughout the country, and ensure that America remains the world’s leader in technology,” said President Obama. Bill Cullifer, Executive Director, WebProfessionals.org and WhyITNow.org, agrees and together with business and industry leaders, trade and professional associations and education the event speakers will share experiences and innovation ideas in the areas of Health IT, Green IT, Web design and development, New Media and IT pathways in education.

Event website:           http://itinnovationsummit.org/.
Agenda:                      http://itinnovationsummit.org/agenda
Free Registration:      http://itinnovationsummit.org/register
Where:                        Los Angeles County Office of Education Room 281
9300 Imperial Highway Downey, CA 90242
Accommodation:       Nearby Hotels           
Closest Airport:          LAX

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