Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gigabit wireless gets closer as 802.11ac standard approved

"One gigabit wireless LAN products should enter the retail channel for the 2012 holiday season thanks to the fact that the 802.11 working group concluded balloting on the proposed 802.11ac standard last summer, meaning enterprise-focused products should follow in 2013.

"Interest in 802.11ac is explained simply by the desire for speed. In homes, the complexity and challenges of A/V or other multimedia distribution and streaming is a catalyst for higher-speed networking, as is anything that improves gaming performance. Enterprise networks may not have as glamorous a need for higher speed, but depend on increasing bit rates to improve user experiences in high density areas such as conference rooms and auditoriums, improve data service to mobile Internet devices, background synchronisation between devices and support more lifelike video systems."


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