Monday, October 24, 2011

National Community College Aerospace Scholars

Would you like to learn about engineering and have fun at the same time?

Then National Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) is the educational program for you. When you become an Aerospace Scholar, you become one of a select group of students invited to visit NASA to participate in an on-site team project. You’ll participate in web-based activities as well as behind the scenes tours of NASA, and will get the chance to interact with NASA engineers, educators, astronauts, and community college students from across the nation.

Who is eligible to participate?

Community College students from across the nation will compete to become a National Community College Aerospace Scholar. To participate, you must be:

·         A US Citizen.

·         At least 18 year of age and a high school graduate.

·         A registered community college student for both the fall and spring semesters during the application process and program.

·         Able to commit to a six month relationship with NASA JSC, including a three-day experience at NASA.

·         Able to access the internet.

What will you do as an Aerospace Scholar?

NCAS consists of two primary components:

·         Interactive web-based activities including:

o    Twenty hours of pre-work

o    Online interaction with participants and NASA engineers

·         On-site experience at NASA including:

o    Exploration team project directed by NASA engineers

o    Engineer, scientist, and/or astronaut briefings

o    Tour of NASA facilities

To participate in this NASA experience, apply here:

National Community College Aerospace Scholars

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