Monday, June 6, 2011

Wednesday is Huge IPv6 Experiment Day

"The largest experiment in the 40-year history of the Internet will take place on Wednesday, as hundreds of Web sites test a new standard called IPv6 that can support vastly more devices with faster, lower-cost connectivity than today's technology.

"The Internet's biggest players - including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft - are among the 318 corporations, universities and government agencies that are participating in World IPv6 Day.

"From June 7 at 8pm EST until June 8 at 7:59pm EST, these Web sites will serve up content using IPv6 as well as the current standard called IPv4. This large-scale IPv6 trial will allow network engineers to determine how well IPv6 works and to pinpoint technical difficulties such as misconfigured systems that will cause delays for some end users trying to access participating Web sites.

"The 24-hour event is already being hailed as a success for raising the visibility of IPv6 in the five months since it was announced by its sponsor, the Internet Society."">Network World

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