Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Womentech Educators now offers Online Training

Many people believe that students drop out due to low grades.

Would you be surprised to learn that the grade point average of women who dropped out of an engineering program at the University of Washington was 3.2? And what was the grade point average of women who were retained? Also 3.2. It turns out the biggest reason women drop out of STEM programs is not low grades, but low confidence.

Self confidence is a predictor of success for women and girls in technology courses. Studies have shown that men who fail a STEM course are likely to repeat it, while women who fail a course see it as the end of THEIR road in STEM. Now, how do we translate that insight into greater success for women in the classroom?

There are a menu of strategies that you can employ to make sure that the female students in your classroom have both the skills and the confidence they need to succeed. You'll learn these research-based strategies at the upcoming WomenTech Educators Online Training.

Join in at the Online Training from March 29 to April 8. In 90 minutes a day over two weeks, you'll learn proven recruitment and retention strategies so you can see more female students succeed in your STEM classes.

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