Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silicon Valley ICT Research

ICT remains an important driver to the economy and workforce of Silicon Valley.  As part of NOVA Workforce Investment Board research into the clusters, Green LMI and its partners (including MPICT) have conducted analysis of existing data (primarily through Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc., or EMSI, a proprietary workforce database).

Our research included data on ICT industries, drawn from historical information (2005-2010), EMSI projections (2010-2020), staffing patterns, and cluster rankings (click on any of these to download the full report).

Highlights include:
  • ICT Industries are heavily clustered in Santa Clara County.
  • Historically (2005-2010), Silicon Valley has experienced employment volatility in ICT industries, however, projections indicate a slower, more even growth (2010-2020).
  • Over the next ten years, “Custom Computer Programming,” “Computer Systems Design Services,” “Software Publishers,” “Internet Publishing and Broadcasting,” and “Data Hosting Services” are expected to add the most new jobs.
  • From an occupational standpoint, software engineers (both applications and systems) are expected to add the most new jobs through 2020.

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