Monday, February 21, 2011

Opportunity: New Media Workshop Instructor-Consultant

This opportunity is ideal for a freelance new media expert with some instructional background. We are looking for one or more instructor(s) for a five part workshop series aimed at small and medium sized businesses. The topics to be covered include interactive internet and mobile technologies for business. The emphasis is on practical solutions in all areas of marketing, customer service and operational efficiency, that are relevant to the business strategy and unique needs of the small and medium business participants. This is a non profit California Community College workshop designed to inform without endorsement for any specific commercial product or service to be offered statewide.

Our ideal candidate has experience in the business use of new media internet applications and mobile technologies for marketing, customer service, collaboration and productivity, as well as first-hand knowledge as how to hire for or contract out those services. In addition to expertise in Website development strategy, social media, virtual B-2-B collaboration tools and mobile apps, the preferred candidate will also be able to train from provided curriculum and companion website. Prior adult instructional or consulting experience is a plus.

The selected candidate(s) would be retained as a contractor to teach a three hour-five day workshop throughout the state as they are scheduled to groups of ten to fifteen participants. Each weeklong workshop would be paid at a set fee in addition to travel expenses. As this is a new program we expect the demand to build over time requiring more workshops. Our curriculum and companion website are almost completed and we expect to pilot soon. This program is developed by The New Media & Entertainment Initiative, NMEI, ( NMEI is a grant funded industry initiative within the Economic & Workforce Development Program hosted by the California Community Colleges.

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Stephen Wright, New Media & Entertainment Director
Economic & Workforce Development - California Community Colleges

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