Monday, November 29, 2010

Mary Meeker on Internet trends Web2.0 Summit 11/16/10

Globality: 46% (821MM) of Internet users in USA+BRIC countries

Top mobile internet markets ~670MM 3G subscribers, CQ2,
+37% Y/Y growth

Mobile: Rise of Google (Android) & Apple (IOS)
Global unit shipment share
Google 25%, Apple 17%
Nokia 37%
Blackberry 15%
Others 6%

By 2012 projected smartphone shipments (~450MM) will exceed total PC shipments (desktops, notebooks/netbooks) (~425MM)

See remaining 8 areas in Meeker's presentation:

Social Ecosystems: Would you rather be Apple, Google, or Facebook?

Advertising: Media time spent and ad spend still imbalanced on internet
- Monetizing Facebook's "Like" connections

Commerce: Mobile changes commerce: location-based services, transparent pricing, discounts, immediate gratification

Media: Youtube content 35 hours added/minute (+2x Y/Y growth)

Company Leadership Evolution

Steve Jobs: "Mind of an engineer and the heart of an artist" - Larry Ellison

Disruptive Innovation (Christensen): Two ways for disruptive innovation
create a new need (iPhone, Facebook) or low-end segment strategy (Amazon, netflix)

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