Thursday, October 7, 2010


I guess a quick introduction is in order. My name is Rick Graziani. I have been teaching Computer Science and Computer Networking at Cabrillo College for the past 16 years. I teach mainly CCNP and CCNA courses with my main interest in routing protocols. On occasion I do some work for Cisco Systems (curriculum development) and Cisco Press, co-authoring two books and technical reviewer on several others. Prior to my teaching at Cabrillo College I worked at SCO (Santa Cruz Operation), Tandem Computers, and Lockheed Missiles and Space Corporation.

And the most important thing... I love to surf! Surfing helps maintain my sanity and living in Santa Cruz allows me to be just a few minutes away from my favorite surf breaks. I longboard (nose riding type stuff) riding boards shaped by my friend Pat Farley. I'm also a member of the Santa Cruz Longboard Union.

In this blog I will be sharing articles, presentations and other resources regarding computer networking. I will include updates regarding my own curriculum development mostly for CCNP. So, for those of you who teach CCNA or CCNP classes I will post information regarding my latest PowerPoints and other resources which are freely accessible from my web page.

So, welcome and thanks for listening!


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