Wednesday, March 6, 2013

State of California to launch new, redesigned online job system

Contact: Loree Levy,  Patti Roberts (916) 654-9029
Date: March 1, 2013
News Release No.: 13-08

SACRAMENTO – The state’s online system for linking employers with job seekers, known as CalJOBS, will be transitioning to a new, redesigned version of the system. During the transition period of March 3 through March 11, current users of the system will be able to view their job information, but cannot make updates. New users to the system will need to register once the new CalJOBS system comes online after March 11, 2013.

Administered by the state Employment Development Department (EDD), CalJOBS is an online employment service where job seekers can look for work and post résumés, and employers can enter job vacancies and look for eligible candidates. The updated version of CalJOBS will present easier navigation and enhanced benefits for both job seekers and employers. In 2012, CalJOBS had more than 7.7 million active users online.

During the time it takes to transfer to the new system (scheduled from Sunday, March 3, to Monday, March 11), the current CalJOBS system will only be available in viewable mode. Users will not be able to register, enter job orders or process any updates to their records during this time, but these tasks can be completed when the new CalJOBS is online and accessible.

Under federal guidelines, all individuals receiving Unemployment Insurance (UI) must register for work with their state employment service. In California, that means individuals receiving UI benefits must register with CalJOBS and maintain an active résumé on file.

Those who are required to register with CalJOBS to receive UI benefits should do so prior to the transition period that begins on Sunday, March 3. Claimants who are unable to register before March 3 should not see any delay in their unemployment benefits if they register as soon as possible when the new system becomes available after March 11.

EDD thanks all CalJOBS users for their patience during this transition period while we make major improvements to this valuable and popular online service.

Benefits of the new CalJOBS

Both job seekers and employers will find the new CalJOBS much easier to navigate than its predecessor, and the redesign should make using the system a more satisfying online experience. They can easily explore California’s workforce services and find out about employment and labor market information in the Golden State.
With the new CalJOBS, job seekers will be able to create and upload multiple versions of their résumé tailored to specific jobs or career paths, customize job searches, and receive notifications of new job openings via text messages and/or email.
Employers will be able to keep their employee searches organized and expand their searches to find good candidates for their companies.

Other features and benefits of the new CalJOBS include:
-      Online access to employment services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location with Internet access.
-      Career tools to effectively find jobs that match skills, values, and interests.
-      User-friendly options to assess the local labor markets.
-      Comprehensive information on education and training programs.
-      The ability to track and manage all job search activities.
-      Unduplicated job postings from across the Internet.
-      Equal access to for those who use Spanish language, as well as customers who are visually impaired.
-      Reduced the need to go to a local One-Stop Career Center.

Look for updates about the new CalJOBS system, employment and training services, UI benefits, and other EDD programs and services at To access CalJOBS SM, visit

During the transition period, current system will only be available for viewing job information

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